Ivy Tech salaries for 2012

Below you can search the salaries of Ivy Tech Community College employees. Users can search by last name or job/department description. In addition, each of the columns can be sorted by clicking the column headings. For example, clicking the "Salary" heading will sort from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. The data were provided by Ivy Tech.

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Last NameFirst NameMiddleJob/DeptSalary
AbbottMaryA.Adjunct Faculty$1,512.00
AbbottWilliamD.Adjunct Faculty$8,401.94
AbduljabbarMahaI.Adjunct Faculty$12,073.87
AbouelkheirOsamaA.Adjunct Faculty$15,113.73
AdamsPrecintaJ.Adjunct Faculty$4,675.23
AdamsRobertA.Dir Security$56,538.12
AdkinsJean Circulation Clerk$11,139.15
AglerJefferyA.Adjunct Faculty$12,496.80
AhmadAzfarA.Dir of Instr & Online Tecnlgy$66,535.32
AinsworthNathanL.Student Worker Facilities$5,290.00
AldrichBrent Supt Part Time$75.00
AlexanderClaudiaJ.Asst Dir Admissions$52,353.84
AllmonEric Supt Part Time$75.00
AllseitzGaylaM.Executive Secretary-Ac Affairs$36,392.01
AlmandilMahirR.Workstudy - Federal$2,399.13
AltKathleen Adjunct Faculty Corp College$5,040.00
AlterThomasW.Adjunct Faculty$1,550.40
AlvarezCurtisA.Adjunct Faculty$1,614.93
AlvarezDanielle Adjunct Faculty$11,475.40
AlzayadiKhulood Workstudy - Federal$4,403.00
AmeirJumaH.Adjunct Faculty$1,512.00
AmmonMaryAnnTutor- Trio$7,455.90
AndersonJasonS.Academic Advisor$48,775.86

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